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Blake Nyman
Blake Nyman is the all around skier. Blake was actually born to ski. So when Blake was born and the doctor told him skiing hadn’t been invented yet, he would wittle long planks, one for each foot using a granite rock and solid oak for tools. Then he'd stomp out peaks and kill terrain features throughout the universe. While out on a little drive for 3 months in 2009, he got bored at one of his pit stops and filmed an entire section for Nimbus Independents, Contrast.

Home Town: Here and there, Utah.

Representing: Surface Skis, POC, Full Tilt Boots, Joystick, EvoGear.com and the best balm out, XBALM.

Favorite Activites off the snow?Hiking, camping, biking, swimming, skateboarding, canyoneering, exploring, traveling, music, reading, writing, drawing, graffiti, photography, movies, board games, cards, making out (apply XBALM before) etc. You know, that stuff.

Most rememorable ski experience?
My first trip to JOI in 2005, first filming trip with Nimbus this past winter and my first World Premier for Nimbus this past September.

What's 3 things you'll make time for?
Alex, Alex and Alex. (Wife)

3 things you don't have time for?
Patience runs deep in my family. Sometimes I wish it didn't.

A man, a polar bear and a baboon all walk into a pub and...sounds like The Jungle Book. Mowgli and Baloo are some quality fellas. That baboon on the other hand...sketchy.

Magnum P.I. or MacGyver? MacGruber.

What's the future say? Healthy, wealthy and wise. Or at least trying to be one or two of those. I'll let you decide which.

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