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Christian Sereika
Have you ever wondered how magic works? No really! I mean there's a guy with a hat and some cards right? Maybe they have a coin, or a wand too...? Anyhow. Then you have Christian, another magician, but instead of using his hands, a hat and a deck of cards, he uses his feet and a piece of wood with wheels on the bottom. Watching Christian skate is like watching a magician for your first time when you were 4 at the State Fair, while you mindlessly stuffed cotton candy in your face.

Home Town: West Point, UT..

Representing: XBALM, Silver Star, Positive skateboards, Bones, Republik shop, Rockwell, Lakai, Analog, Monster Energy, Ogio, Skullcandy, Ethika

What activities to you do outside of skating? Snowboard, Soccer, and girls but don't ask Kevin and Todd.

Who do you respect in skateboarding?
Chris Cole, Ryan Gallant, Og De Souza, P-Rod, Mike Mo, Adam Dyet, and Lizard.

10 Years ago, what were you doing?

10 years ago today I was packing my house up in Bear Lake to move to West Point.

The world stops in 2 days leaving one day open to travel wherever you need. Where do you go skate?
Barcelona Spain I'd get amazing skating in and catch a soccer match after.

A Yeti, a Gilla Monster and a Bear all get in the same cab and... I'd get the hell out!

Most memorable day skateboarding? The day I qualified for my first Dew Tour! So pumped!

Groundbreaking Tricks, or Classic Flow? I get more stoked on seeing ground breaking tricks, but the old school
flow is just sick!

Alva or Hawk?
Oh hawk for sure! Dude did way to much for skating.

Texting or Calling?
Depends on what's going on but I'll call more I wanna get it over with.

What are you going to do after this? Skating the mini with the homies!

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