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"Coco" Zurita
Fransisco "Coco" Zurita is groomed with skill, style, speed and fluidity. He commits to the vert ramp like a surgeon performing quad-by-pass-open-heart surgery, but with his eyes closed, and with one hand tied behind his back. Afterwards he would proceed to drive the LeMans, in reverse, and win. Coco also summited the "first trick pulled" list by landing the first ever tripple-tail whip on a vert ramp in 2008.

Home Town: Santiago, Chile.

Representing: JESUS, Vans, Woodward West, Xbalm, 50/50 BMX, Ogio,Skull Candy.

Favorite Activites off the snow? Shoot Photos, Drive cars.

If you could go ride with anyone, who would that be?
Mark Webb.

Gravity stops for one day. What do you do?

I would tie a rope tight one end of my house and the other end to my feet, and on my bike I would hit a big quarter pipe as hard as I can to see how high I can go, and then come back.

Most memorable experience riding?
Being invited to the X games, and being the first rider that landed the triple tailwhip on vert.

Myspace or Facebook? Facebook.

Texting or Emailing? Email.

3 things you don't have time for? Watching soccer. Winter. Drinking.

What's the future say?
I'll be trying to go as high as I can and flow the ramp, be smoth, stay healthy and make it trough the hole seasson with good results!

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