Jenacee Jackson
When it comes to prowess progression, Jenacee has a handle on it. She sets water to fire, which is more of a scientific process that we still intend to investigate.
Home Town: Salt Lake City, UT.

Representing: XBALM,Hyperlite Wakeboards, Oakley, Monster, H20 Audio, Bern, Dbot5, Zotes, Christopher Bean Coffee.

Favorite activites when you're not in the water?Snowboarding, swimming, camping, travel, anything in the sun.

What got you into Wake Boarding?
Family vacations to Lake Powell.

When did you realize it was something you wanted to pursue?
When I went to my first local contest I knew I wanted to compete! Once I started winning locally, I looked into the national and pro contests.

Who do you respect most in Wake Boarding? All the riders who have to sacrifice a lot to get where they are today. There are a lot of wakeboarders that have to leave family, friends, home, and their own riding group to go somewhere and make many unseen sacrifices to live their dream. I'm sure it's very worth it :)

Where's your favorite place to ride? Lake Powell definitely.

Most memorable experience Wake Boarding? There are just so many. Anytime an awesome group of people that likes having a good time is in a confined space like that, all day on a lake, it's bound to be a great time.

A Dog, a Sasquatch and a Turtle are walking down the street when...
I can't think of anything cool that would happen next with only those three in that situation. I'm sure the dog would make the most of it though.

What boat do you prefer to be pulled by?
Mastercraft X-Star.

10 years ago, what were you doing?
Probably preparing for Cheerleading tryouts. ahh, I like where I am now much better.

Hello Kitty or Cabage Patch Kids? Cabbage Patch Kids!

What's on the progression list?
Tootsie Roll, Heelside 540, Front to fakie.

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