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Rob Wise
Rob was born of warrior blood. It's obvious, he wears a headband. When you take Rob camping and everyone goes to look for scraps for firewood, Rob is the one that comes back with an entire tree over his shoulder, breaks it into kindling with the clinch of his fist and lights it with a single glare into the coals. Rob also sets fire to most street objects he encounters as well, but he uses his bike for that.

Home Town: Layton, Utah.

Representing: XBALM, Volume bikes, DC shoes, Demolition Parts, Skullcandy, 5050 BMX.

Favorite Activites off the bike?Snow boarding, texting... and all the crazy girls out there ha!!

Most rememorable experience?
It's hard to name just one. I would have to say just being able to travel the world to do what I love. Some of the best times of my life have been on my bike I've been lucky to experince everything I have so far.

What's 3 things you'll make time for?
Eating, riding everything, my ex for some reason?

3 things you don't have time for?
Drama, crazy effing girls and school.

Who do you respect in BMX? I respect pretty much everyone. The skill level that riding has come to is right out of a video game now it's insane. Wether it's super tech or full speed huge gaps it's all crazy. I respect it all.

A Rhino, Elephant and a Buffalo are walking across a glacier when all of a sudden... The little squirrel of the ice age come running past chasing his lil nut and it gets stuck in the glacier wall and begins to crack. Everyone panicks and starts running the other direction and makes things worse. The ice breaks they start to fall through then the lockness monster comes swimming up and eats them all in one bite. Then the squerril is left all alone with no nut. The end.

Matlock or Magnum P.I.? Magnum P.I.

Would you pick up a compact car to hit a rail?
If it was a dope set up then yes! Ya do what ya gotta do.

How's the new year shaping up for you? Um so good. I have a few things planned out that I'm gonna do that's gonna change bmx as we know it. Well not really but that would be cool

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